Trainer Ellie @_ellieyoga_



Hello lovely people, I’m Ellie Newby. I’m a Yoga Teacher and Physiotherapist.

Like you, I enjoy looking after my body; I would jog, go to the gym, do HIIT classes, but I never really felt like I had given my body and mind time to recover (and if I did, it would usually involve wine!). I would often find myself injured and this would affect my motivation and mood to continue exercising. That was until I found Yoga. Through my clinical practice as a Physiotherapist, I have gained a strong understanding about the human body and always knew I needed to incorporate stretches into my weekly schedule. Alas, I tried Yoga! But it’s so much more than just ‘stretches’…

Yoga is a chance to unwind, escape and enjoy that very moment on the mat. It’s a chance to leave the outside world, to clear the mind from worries and to focus on what is actually important to you. It helps prevent injuries by increasing strength and flexibility, it builds body heat, boosts metabolism, helps digestion, reduces stress (honestly, the list goes on!).

For me, Yoga is a balance between strength and flexibility of the mind and body. After your busy week, I would like to invite you to join me on the mat to unwind, focus and recharge, ready for the new week ahead!