Child Development & Education Anna
Child Development & Education


Hi my name is Anna; I am married and have 2 girls who are both nearly as tall as me!
I am from a massive, close knit family (my Dad’s one of 11) so have always been around kids and their trials and tribulations.
I trained in education and child development and have been working with children and families for nearly 15 years. I’ve worked with 100s of children and their parents aged 0-16 and have helped them deal with some of the most difficult times in their lives; overcoming problems standing in the way of a happy and healthy family life.
I’m made up to become part of the Gymbird team and hope to help you Gymbird parents with anything that you’re struggling with, with your kids, that sees you reaching for that bottle of wine or chocolate that takes you over your cals!!
Loads of love Anna x