Trainer Alyson


Heres a medium scale catfish pic…

Hello, im Alyson! I am a mum of one and work (almost) full time as a High Intensity CBT therapist.

Before having my little girl, I hammered the gym, had a very active lifestyle and lashed food down my neck like a human dustbin! Fast forward to parenthood and thinks naturally changed. I was really struggling with my training, couldn’t get a grip of my diet and my general motivation was rock bottom. I wasnt happy, didn’t feel like myself and knew i needed a serious kick up the backside! I decided to join the Gymbird challenge and it was honestly the best thing i did!!!

I have a few random qualifications, one of them being ‘exercise to music’. After sending Harriet a vid of some step routine ideas, she Facetimed me and asked me to join the team – i was shook….I don’t really remember the convo after that, but i agreed! So here i am, and i cant quite believe it! xxx