Dr and Women's Health Expert Lauren
Dr and Women's Health Expert


Hello gorgeous ones – I’m Lauren! By day, I am a vaccine virologist & scientist, and have a PhD in virology & infectious diseases, but I am working toward my Women’s Healthcare Practitioner Diploma in my “spare” time.

I am super passionate about menstrual health & wellbeing and believe that one of best things we can do to respect and care for ourselves, is to get to know what’s actually happening to us throughout our cycles. If we know what is going on in our bodies, it’s a bit easier to appreciate and accept how we’re feeling, be kind to ourselves, and not give ourselves such a hard time.

 Since the age of 14, my periods, reproductive system, and cycling hormones, ruled (and ruined!) my life. I could tell you some HORROR STORIES. Whilst going through a particularly rough time in 2018, I decided NO MORE. Fast forward three years, and here I am – working on my Diploma and shouting loudly to anyone who will listen about why they should track their cycle.

If the information and experiences I share around menstrual health & wellbeing can make a difference to even just one of you, then I will be the happiest of bunnies.